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«Business China-Russia. Interaction. Customs. Logistics»

Free seminar in Guangzhou (PRC) on 28 April, 2015 18:00-21:00 (6a.m.-9a.m.)



2015. Time to act!

Strengthening the relations between the Chinese and Russian business for over 7 years, we set new goals. We bring together suppliers and buyers during a single event.
You will get a clear view of the peculiarities of the Russian market in the largest industrial and financial center of China on April, 18. All old-established myths will be gone but instead you will get a full picture of the export of goods to Russia and interaction with business from the Russian Federation. Here you can look at Russian business from the inside without leaving China.



On 28 April we wait:

1. Ambitious entrepreneurs and CEO from China who want to strengthen the connections with Russia and are ready to deal with the Russian Federation;
2. Manufactures from China who already supply goods to the Russian market;
3. Companies that work with Russian companies whose offices are in China.


What are the benefits of the seminar for you?


For manufactures and suppliers of goods of China – it’s a possibility to:

• take a look at the Russian business from the inside;
• understand what direction to develop in your business to deal with Russia more effectively;
• learn more about the customs legislation of the EEU and its impact on the business of importer;
• identify the main difficulties that Russian importers have in cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs;
• build the most advantageous ways of cooperation with entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation.


It’s a chance for the business specializing in the search of goods in China to:

• identify the optimal schemes of cooperation with Russian business in the sphere of import of Chinese goods;
• learn about the features of the customs legislation of the EEU;
• understand what includes the cost of the importer, what are the ways to optimize these costs that exist at the moment;
• find out what additional services (other than the search for goods in China) are popular among Russian businessmen working with China (based on statistics «Business Logistics»).



Part 1. Tendencies and peculiarities

1) Peculiarities of Russian business-mentality;
2) Negotiations with Russian businessmen;
3) What products are in demand in Russia? How has the market changed in recent years? What trends of change in demand exist?;
4) What is the most important for Russian businessmen (price, quality, brand, etc.)? How have the preferences of Russian business changed in recent years and what has affected these preferences?

Part 2. Interaction with the importer

1) The peculiarities of concluding a contract between the partners from the Russian Federation and PRC;
2) The peculiarities of import of goods to the Russian Federation. Optimal schemes of import.
3) Basic principles of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation;
4) How to make the interaction between the exporter and importer more efficiently: what rules of customs legislation of the EEU is fundamentally different from the Chinese;
5) Import from China to Russia. The main problems faced by the Russian importer (duties, working with the supplier in case of violation of customs legislation, logistics – what is the profitable way to deliver the goods to the warehouse?);
6) The main costs of Russian importers during the customs registration and the ways to reduce them;
7) The optimal schemes of cooperation in the purchase of goods in China;
8) Cases: case studies from «Business Logistics».

Part 3. Interaction with exporter

1) Innovation of the Customs Code of the Customs Union in 2015;
2) What documents are required for the import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation;
3) Customs duties on import. Ways to optimize the costs during customs registration;
4) Import of Russia and the situation in the foreign exchange market;
5) Cases «Optimization of customs payment »


Fomicheva Anna Sergeevna
Works in the field of foreign trade for more than 9 years. Expert -practitioner. In 2008 she founded a group of companies «Business Logistics» (the main sphere — support of export-import operations). The author of 3 books on foreign trade.


Anna Fomicheva’s book «101 Advice to the Participant of Foreign Economic Activity»

Audiobook «Business with China. How to build a scheme of import «from scratch»? «

The glossary of the participant of Foreign Economic Activity in Russia

The samples of documents necessary for the customs registration.

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